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We can provide you with fully comprehensive legal advice on the following:

Company formation & Corporate Business.
Property Purchase, Sale and Leasing
Visa, Immigration and Work Permit
Business Licences
Business Contracts
Tax & Accounting
Marriage & Divorce
Wills & Testaments

Buying and selling real estate in Thailand is not necessarily the same as buying or leasing in your own country. It is very important that you obtain sound legal advice to ensure that your interests are fully protected. There are many kinds of Land Titles in Thailand and only a few are appropriate for foreign investors. A good lawyer will guide you through the procedures for acquiring a valid title to your property and will ensure that it is correctly registered in your name at the Land Office.

Manit & Associates Law Office, recently established their office in Koh Samui under the direction of Manit Tajew, an experienced English speaking lawyer from Bangkok. He is experienced in litigation and corporate law and his advice will guide you through the legal issues involved with living in Thailand.

K. Manit will show you how to establish a Thai company suitable for your purpose, be it to buy real estate or run a business. Not only will the company be correctly formed, but also in a way that protects your interests to the maximum. He will ensure that the correct business licenses are obtained and will guide you through the endless paperwork of visa and work permit applications.

Having formed your Thai company, as in any country, you must follow certain accounting and reporting procedures to comply with Company Law. Manit & Associates Law Office, can offer you a company maintenance service which will ensure that the correct documents are filed with the proper authorities on time.

In addition to corporate work, Manit & Associates Law Office can provide you with advice on marriage and divorce in Thailand and, something many people forget, or do not want to think about, but which is extremely important, and that is making a Will. Estate Law in Thailand is almost certainly different from the Law in your own country and you should make sure that your assets in Thailand are distributed as you would wish should the unthinkable happen.

Manit & Associates Law Office is here to help you avoid the many difficulties that you can encounter without proper legal advice. Contact Manit & Associates today and discuss your requirements – the first consultation is free.